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Each basket is a masterpiece of authentic weaving methods, meticulously crafted by skilled female artisans in remote regions of Uganda. These eco-friendly baskets, made from all-natural materials like banana fibers, raffia, and papyrus, are a true testament to sustainable artisanship.Not only do these baskets add an authentic touch to any room, but they also serve as multi-functional masterpieces, perfect for storing a wide array of items, from toys and laundry to plants and beauty accessories.

Every purchase empowers underprivileged women to escape poverty through their art, making it a meaningful addition to any home.What sets these baskets apart is Mysky's artificial reality customization technology, allowing you to create a truly unique piece that reflects your personal style. Whether you're drawn to vintage, boho, or farmhouse decor, these customizable decorative baskets are designed to stand out and add character to any space. Every single basket Is 100% handmade

  • Give The Gift of Beauty: Looking for a thoughtful gift for a loved one? These baskets are the perfect choice. They are practical, and elegant, and add character to any décor style, from vintage to boho to farmhouse. They will never stop displaying them in their own homes. A unique and sustainable piece of art they can use and cherish for years.


  • Measurements are in inches.
  • Made in remote regions of Uganda.
  • Our products are made from all-natural materials like banana fibers, raffia, and papyrus.
  • Colors are made from organic dyes like vegetables and fruits.
  • Each basket will have a picture of the artisan who weaved it.
  • All our baskets are handwoven and vary slightly in color and size.

Darajani Handcrafted Basket

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