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Wellness Retreat Magic at Hotel Ritual 🧘‍♀️✨

Escaping to Recharge and Reconnect

After months of searching for the perfect place to escape and recharge, I finally found my match made in heaven - Hotel Ritual, just 2.5 hours north of Houston. This wellness retreat was exactly what I needed to hit the reset button and reconnect with myself.

The second I heard I'd have the entire grounds all to myself, it was music to my ears! Being alone is where I truly recharge and connect with my inner self, and I hadn't had that kind of precious solo time in ages. It was the ultimate birthday gift I could have given myself.

Indulgent Pampering and Profound Connections

I treated myself to an incredible massage, facial, sound bath, and reiki healing session. The facial with the hotel owner, Whitney Graham, ended up being the highlight of my retreat. The second we met, we just immediately connected on a deeper level. Whitney's passion for helping others reconnect, rewind, and bring back the importance of daily rituals was so inspiring and empowering. You know that intuitive feeling you get when the stars align and you just know you're exactly where you need to be, meeting people for a reason? This was it for me. Whitney is my soul-sister, and a true model for who I aspire to be on my path to self-healing and overall wellbeing. I left our session feeling seen, understood, and empowered in a way I didn't expect. I'm so excited to see what the future holds and what we can achieve by working together.

The massage therapist, Bishop Silmon, had magic in his fingertips - hands down the best massage I've ever experienced. My sound bath and reiki healing experience with Tanita was next level. I left feeling cleansed, centered, and more in tune with my mind, body, spirit, and desires.

Embracing Rituals for Grounding and Letting Go

During my 3 days of solitude, I made sure to take full advantage of all the hotel's amazing amenities - the sauna, chakra shower, hot tub, and pool. Beyond indulging in the physical luxuries, I also practiced important rituals to help stay grounded on this journey of self-healing.

Rituals are at the heart of the Hotel Ritual experience, and I embraced that wholeheartedly. They help us pause, focus our attention, and orient ourselves emotionally and spiritually. Forgiveness and gratitude are key elements in rituals for letting go - not about erasing the past, but recognizing what can be learned and gained.

So during my stay, I performed a simple yet powerful burning ritual. This allowed me to release any lingering resentments, relationships, or habits that were no longer serving me. It was a profound experience of cleansing and letting go, making space for the new and the renewed.

Hotel Ritual Fire Pit

Exploring Hotel Ritual Luncheonette and Soda Fountain

Another highlight of my trip was exploring the various amenities and offerings beyond Hotel Ritual itself. The Ritual Luncheonette and Bar, located just a short 3-minute walk from the hotel, was an absolute delight. The vibrant, energetic atmosphere felt like stepping into a chic French café with the spirit of East Texas.

The real gem was the Ritual Laboratorium & Soda Fountain of Youth, located right across the street. This place was a true wonderland! As soon as I stepped inside, I was captivated by the highly curated collection of holistic skincare, makeup, and body care products - all organic and meticulously sourced. The soda fountain side of the shop was equally enchanting, with over 20 varieties of homemade organic custards, smoothies, cotton candy, and old-fashioned soda fountain treats. The entire space was filled with unique treasures, like beautiful crystals, luxurious scents, and top-notch skincare products.

A Truly Transformative Experience

This retreat was so much more than a vacation - it was a truly transformative experience. I learned so much and left feeling refreshed, realigned, and reconnected with my true self. The staff at Hotel Ritual were absolute rockstars, delivering impeccable service and making me feel so comfortable and welcomed.

I can't wait to return to this hidden gem, both solo and when the main mansion reopens. Hotel Ritual is a must-visit for anyone in need of a wellness retreat that will leave you feeling centered, grounded, and completely renewed.

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